Face masks are essential for visiting the practice.

As we resume more and more services and the need to see patients face to face increases, we are requesting that patients bring their own mask or face covering, we have very limited supplies and must try and save these for our staff.  There are signs on all our doors explaining that no one is allowed in our building without a face covering now, so please be prepared.

A face covering can be a mask (disposable or reusable), a well-secured scarf that won’t slip off the face when talking or other covering with which you can cover your mouth and nose without having to hold them with your hands.

Many places are selling masks of different types and they don’t need to cost a lot.  Alternatively, you can make one yourself and you don’t have to be handy with a needle and thread (although some look very professional).

This shows you how you can make 2 types of face-covering yourself.