Telephone service frustrations

As part of our upgrade to improve service for our patinets, we commissioned a new telephone system, so that more patients could contact the practice and we hired more staff to handle the volume of calls too.

This change over has caused a lot of frustrating problems for both patients and staff.

We are aware of patients wating in the queue system, reaching the front of the queue only for the call to be cut off or dropped.  We have paid a significant amount of money to upgrade our systems and we do not yet have the system that we have paid for or our patients deserve.

We can only apologise for this less than ideal situation.  We are working with the telephone provider and the CCG to ensure that we get these issues resolved as quickly as possible.  Unfortunatley the current situation is out of our control.  We will endevour to keep pushing for a solution to be provided as soon as possible.

Once again we are sorry for the frustration this situation has caused.