System upgrade

Over the last few years we have experienced regular issues with our computer systems.  Today, after a long period of preparation, we have made the leap to a new system that we believe will offer us a much more reliable service.

This is a big change.  It will take us several weeks for us to fully adjust, with this week in particular set to be challenging.  There is no easy time to change an IT system and we’ve delayed it as long as we could due to the pandemic and spiralling workload, but we couldn’t wait any longer.  It simply didn’t feel safe to enter the busiest winter in NHS history with a computer system that crashes every single day, sometimes for over an hour as a time.

Capacity will be slightly reduced this week but we have hired extra locum staff to support the changeover and minimise the impact on patients as much as possible.

Please bear with us and be assured that we are doing this to further improve the service we offer to you.