Telephone Triage System

Conisbrough Group Practice operates a telephone-based triage system for all doctor appointments.

Please register to use our online booking system to conveniently book yourself a doctor’s appointment from 08:00 on the day.  Using this service means you leaving the phone lines free for those who can’t access digital services.

Alternatively, if you don’t have internet access please call the main switchboard number 01709 860016 to begin the process. Phone lines are open at 08:00

The receptionist will take your details and ask whether you require advice for a new or ongoing problem.

New or Ongoing Problems

If your problem is ongoing, the receptionist will inform you when the healthcare professional who is dealing with it is next available to call you. If it is a new problem the receptionist will ask if there is a particular healthcare professional that you would prefer to see and let you know when they are next available to call you. If the delay is long (e.g. the doctor is on leave) you will be offered a same-day call from the on-call team to discuss your problem and advise you accordingly. You may specify a preference regarding what time(s) you are available to talk, which we will try our best to accommodate.

The Triage Call

You will discuss your problem with the healthcare professional and agree a shared management plan; you may be satisfied with telephone advice or you may prefer a face-to-face appointment, which can be arranged at an appropriate time.

Triage Capacity

We can’t deal with an open ended number of calls each day, therefore we will limit the number of appointments on the grounds of safety and the local doctors with the CCG (Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group) have provided other services which are available for you to use, and our receptionists will signpost you to the most appropriate one.

Home Visits

Please only ask for a visit if you are registered as a housebound patient. A healthcare professional may contact you to discuss your request prior to attending.

Extended Hours

Each doctor offers some appointments after 6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Nurse Appointments

Appointments for our nurses and healthcare assistants can still be made over the telephone or at the desk.

If you are unsure who you need to see for your appointment please see our guide here.