COVID-19 Vaccine

As you will be aware from the media, there is now a vaccine available for COVID-19.

This vaccine allows patients to develop a level of immunity to the virus.

This means that if you have had the vaccine and come into contact with someone with the virus, you may still catch the virus from them, but you are more likely to have a ‘mild’ case and lower-level symptoms.  Having the vaccine does not mean you can’t catch the virus.

You will need to receive 2 injections for maximum protection.

Even if you have the vaccine you will still need to follow the government advice ‘Hands – Face – Space’.

The vaccine is being rolled out across the whole of the UK but is coming into the country in batches.  This means the NHS is vaccinating patients in order of priority as set out by NHS England.

When you are eligible to receive the vaccine, you will be contacted by us to make your appointment.

Please do not contact the practice to request the vaccine.