Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

Today (29th April 2020) the government extended the groups of people who are eligible for testing for the Coronavirus (Covid-19).  The following groups of people are now eligible to be tested:

  • all essential workers including NHS and social care workers with symptoms (see the full list of essential workers)
  • anyone over 65 with symptoms
  • anyone with symptoms whose work cannot be done from home (for example, construction workers, shop workers, emergency plumbers, and delivery drivers)
  • anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus and lives with any of those identified above
  • social care workers and residents in care homes (with or without symptoms) both to investigate outbreaks and, following successful pilots, as part of a rolling programme to test all care homes
  • NHS workers and patients without symptoms, in line with NHS England guidance

If you fall into one of the categories listed above and would like to be tested please either request a test through your employer or using the self-referral system.

COVID testing self-referral system

We cannot apply for a test on your behalf or administer tests at the practice.

Thank you.